How does Coaching work?

We have an initial conversation to determine if what you need and what I can offer are a good fit. Like most relationships, basic chemistry is a key factor.

Of course I can offer you a free no obligation sample of my coaching.

Then if we decide to work together, you will do some prework that jump-starts an initial discovery process that we schedule for a two hour conversation. Through that work we identify and deepen your understanding and commitment of your goals, values, beliefs, preferences and strengths & weaknesses.

We then have a phone call every two weeks that keeps you working toward the things you have identified as priorities. Measurable milestones mark the way along the road.

I ask you commit to an initial three months work together. After which, you may have the tools and momentum to carry on building on your own.

Or we may choose to continue the work for months more. It is very personal and customized to your needs. I have worked with clients for just those three months and others for years on and off.

Coaching at its best is a long term relationship that you have to come back to whenever needed.


You are in good hands with me. Know that I have ten years of coaching experience including literally hundreds of hours of training plus most importantly loyal clients leading fullfilled lives

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