The thing about Integrity

Integrity is a score on the 360 that hooks most of us. We know it's an essential aspect of leadership and something we all want to be known as having.

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. The right thing meaning operating in accordance with your values, no matter who the audience or what the circumstance. So, showing up as your true whole self in all the various roles you play in life. Integrity has the same root as the word "integer" which means wholeness.

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But the worry of not living up to expectations can have us unconsciously react from fear like when we swallow our opinion or needs,  or when we railroad others to get a result we are attached to, or when we have to be seen as the best no matter what.

And when we react from fear like that, we are out of integrity. Because our intentions get distorted. There is a misalignment.

So we are doing what we hope is viewed as right but not really being true to ourselves but not being able to admit that ... and then that cycle just continues.

"We often spend our adult emotional lives comparing our tender insides with other people's more composed outsides, rather than connecting with people heart to heart.", Chip Conley, Emotional Equations

Take a few minutes and check out an episode of "If you Really Knew Me". It documents the emmy award winning program Challenge Day  a powerful one day process facilitated in various high schools.

It is a moving illustration of what can happen (at any age!) when we drop our masks and get real with each other about what we are really feeling, struggling with and what we really want.

When we do, we realize we are not so alone afterall.  Not so alone and just a little bit more known - and trusted - and therefore in integrity.


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