Being Vulnerable is a necessity for Courage

You may already know that the word "Courage" has as it's root, the french word "coeur" meaning 'from the heart'. 

Well, I recently heard a gorgeous addition to that: 

That Courage is what happens as a horse jumps. It throws its heart over the fence first ... and then the rest of its body follows.

Can you picture that? Its a powerful image.

Courage is putting your heart out there first. Then letting the rest follow.


Yet if feels really vulnerable to do that.

The image of the horse leading chest first really illustrates that exposure.

The videoclip below speaks brilliantly to this idea of needing to be vulnerable in order to be courageous. 

Vulnerable enough to admit you are imperfect. 

Being vulnerable in order to be truly seen.

By yourself and others.

Which is what you are doing as you examine your old beliefs around worth.


Be gentle with yourself.

Remember : You are Enough. As is.



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