So...will we work well together?

Like all great relationships,  you and I will need an overlap in our values...and a little chemistry for this work we do together to be truly effective.


 What you will get from working with me:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Real life skill building

What makes me different from other coaches and facilitators? I am:

  • Real & practical
  • Playful & yet on point
  • Warm & direct
  • Business practical & connected to the realities of the whole life of a leader
  • Action oriented, so I ensure accountability
  • Genuinely committed to our relationship & your progress 


Because I value:

  • Courageous Authenicity: the ability to speak your truth in a way that holds the other person whole for the sake of getting to a more powerful place 
  • Real Connection : no games or pretences, being in the moment naming it for what it is, not making anyone wrong, staying in the messiness of it - knowing the only way out is through
  • Conscious Calbration : momentum that comes from looking at the layer below the obvious and committing to even the smallest actions & doing it thru our work 
  • Joyous Collaboration: that when we lean in 100:100, that is where the magic happens which means we need to be present and vulnerable and unattached to the "how"



What I assume about you:

  • That you are already successful
  • That you are tired of the status quo - things continuing as they are
  • That we are the same – humans on the path of discovery - I am doing the same work as you

 What I know about this kind of work:

  • That small calibrations continued over time make the biggest difference
  • That reframing or new frames of information is all we need
  • That we only really learn if it is fun and relevant and immediately applied
  • That we are the ones who get in our own way
  • That unexamined beliefs are a big obstacle and yet easy to revise
Work with me if you are:
  • Part of a team that is needing some new tools to improve effectiveness
  • New to managing
  • Looking for a program to reward and keep engaged your high –potentials
  • An entrepreneur with a growing business who wants to learn more about the people management piece
  • An individual wanting to live a more authentic life
  • An OD/HR professional looking for a team experience to compliment an existing event

Why me instead of another coach/facilitator?

Honestly? I am really good at this. It is what I was born to do. It is what I have been doing my whole working life in one way or another.

It is my absolute passion to collaborate with people on what is most important to them and then hold them accountable for not letting their greatness slip away. For figuring out what really wants to be done (versus all the possible "shoulds" that could be done) and then ensuring that important stuff actually gets tackled. 

I love working with willing leaders in a real and genuine - and practical way.

It gives me great fulfillment to watch other people grow in meaningful ways that jazz them.
I don’t just “do” co-active coaching.  I am co-active in all my relationships and outlooks. It comes naturally to me. Versus consulting or preaching or telling.

I can just as easily be with your strengths as your weaknesses, your dreams as your limiting beliefs and paralyzing fears. I also know that my style is not for everyone and am honest about naming that if and when I feel it.

Lots of coaches have a more warm and soft approach. I am wildly empathetic and very good at connecting but I am not mushy or woo-woo.

What you get with me is an experienced professional supporting you that won’t let you off the hook. And we will always design the process together so it is customized for your needs.

And we'll have fun at the same time. Afterall, who said growth had to be all serious?


Contact Suchitra at 416 817 0535 or